Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Crafty Chaos: Pink, Upcycled, and IKEA fabric...

It was an overcast day today, so great for pics! But it was cold (boo.) so I had to work really hard to get Zoe to smile. The promise of a popsicle sure helped (even though I think she felt like a popsicle herself!)

So, I love to try new projects. I often see things and think, "I could probably make that." And, apparently, I love to try things that are very time consuming.....

I got a hankering to make a pettiskirt for my girl. She has a cute little friend who has a similar skirt given to her by her grandmother. I searched on-line for a free tutorial. Found one (I'll have to find the link...) Had my mom hunt down some hot pink nylon chiffon at JoAnn's (she is so awesome). And then after many hours....voila! (didn't I just make that sound so easy? :)
I do LOVE how it turned out though. It's all nice and swishy and perfect for twirling, but I am really happy I got it done before the new baby came along!

I made the shirt match by adding little chiffon flowers with pink button centers.

This fun and silly dress was made out of IKEA fabric....

It's one of the easiest dresses I've ever made. I whipped one out for a friend's little girl at the same time. Made both of them in two hours. Not bad. I've seen the same style done up as cute little tops over jeans. There are a lot of these dresses sold on etsy.
And here's some upcycled fun...

I've been making these leggings for Zoe out of knit tees (she's wearing black and white striped ones in the first pics, too). See the beauty of this is you cut out the leggings with the bottom of the pattern lined up with the hem and then you don't have to try to get a good looking hem with the knit. Brilliant, right? I also made my boys jammie shorts with the same idea. Big soft knit tees=comfy jammies :)

I also tried my hand at making these fun 3d roses. I've seen these done as hair clips and such on etsy and I love the look. I'm really happy with how they turned out...especially because they were easy peasy.

(And just so no one thinks I'm some kind of Crafty Superhero...all of these were made pre-baby :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I love black and white pics...

I've been trying to get some great pics of our new girl...oy. It's tough business getting good shots of a newborn. Especially ones that don't show off her lovely crossed eyes. heh. Luckily she'll grow out of those...eventually!
And I love this one...
Cute schmooshy lips, eh?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Wooh-hoo! The baby finally came!

Alright, now here's a shot of me in all my lovely round glory...

Oh, yeah...lookin' good. :) But I was actually feeling pretty great. I love being pregnant. And even though Molly was a bit late, I was just fine. I started to get a bit anxious for her to arrive towards the end though. Just getting worried about the girl and hoping everything was okay with her.

And everything was. Early Thursday morning on April 29th my water broke and I thought a big thanks towards my Heavenly Father. I woke Ryan up and boy, did he get up quick. Hearing the words, "Ryan, my water just broke!" Yeah. That's a great way to start your day, right?

I wasn't having any contractions though so, I had a shower and then we decided to wait to call Jim and Mikki (Ryan's brother and wife who agreed to watch our other monkeys while we were at the hospital...and by the way, they are made of Awesome Sauce!) and get the kids up and ready for school. Weston had been asking me every day, "Do you think the baby will come today?" so when he came up the stairs I said, "Ya know that question you ask me every day?" He said, "Yeah." I said, "Ask it." He smiled big and said, "Do you think the baby will come today?" And I said, "Yes." heh heh. He was pretty excited. I said something similar to the other boys and wow, it was easier to get Sam out of bed than usual. He's a toughie to get going in the morning, but that morning he was up and awake pretty fast! When I told Emmett he gave me a big hug. These boys had been waiting and waiting!

We got the boys off to school on the bus and then Jim and Mikki came over to watch Zoe. Luckily Mikki was all done with her finals and Jim only had one in the afternoon so they could be home when Sam came home from Kindergarten and the other boys got home later.

So, then Ryan and I headed to the hospital. It was a white snowy crisp morning. And we were pretty excited.

My contractions never really picked up too much and there was that whole lovely merconium thing going on so, eventually they had to get me going on pitossin (sp?) and that did the trick. And can I just say?....I love epidurals. Brillaint things. Just brilliant.

So, after Laurie (my certified nurse midwife who I've had all my kids with) got there and she got all suited up, I pushed for about 5 minutes...and then there she was...our Molly, all gooey and beautiful.

Ryan was very sweet and wonderful. He let me squeeze his hand as hard as I could before the epidural took total effect, he tried to breathe with me and he shushed when I told him to stop reading the numbers off the screen telling how bad the contaction was....heh.

And he looked down at me after she was born, smiled wide and said, "Good job."

Sweet man.

My mom got to be there for her birth, as she has for all our children. And I love having her there. I love sharing those special moments with her. Even though it is all a bit goopey. We were having trouble coming up with a middle name for our girl. We finally decided on an initial. D....for Donna, my mom. :)

Ryan's parents were already planning on coming into town that day, so that worked out great. They got the hospital soon after she was born and stayed and chatted for a bit. We are so blessed by the wonderful families we're apart of! They're all so good to us.

The kids came later and saw her through the nursery window (there had been some colds going around with them) and they were so cute. When Zoe was asked who it was she said, "Pink Molly." Cute girl. And Weston said, "She's so cute!"

My super kind parents took the kids to St. George for three nights and played with and fed and enjoyed them. I'm sure they really enjoyed their quiet home when they brought them back, too! But the kids had a great time. There was play-doh fun and foam airplane painting and a pizza party with cousins and trips to parks.

Ryan and I took it easy in the hospital. Loving and snuggling with our new girl. I love that time in the hospital, all those new moments. All those firsts. We watched her yawn. We admired her little feet and tiny fingers. We stroked her soft head of hair. Love it.

But oy! I did miss my other monkeys. And I was thrilled to see them when my parents brought them back. I had talked to them the night before on the phone and gotten all weepy at the sound of their sweet voices.

Here are my wonderful parents. They are the best!

I love how our kids love to watch her and hold her and touch her and kiss her...

And there you have it. The story of our new sweet girl, our Molly...

Molly D. Shakespear

8 lbs. 10 oz.

20" long

Born April 29th at 4:42 p.m.