Friday, June 26, 2009

Random Bits

*Last night was my first pack meeting of being the Cub Master. It went pretty good except for the fact that it rained and it was supposed to be at a park! My super sweet man stepped in and made the s'mores in the oven. Now that's a boy scout for ya, eh? Weston received his bear. Boy, he is such a stinkin' great kid. I'm having so much fun being more involved with scouts with him. And it was super cool that I got to be the one to award him his badge.

*I refinished a desk. It's now all antiqued and turquoisy. It turned out beeeee-UTE-ifully! And I love it.

*I'm trying to get the revisions done on my picture book so I can send it back to the editor and then bite all my nails down to the quick.

*I'm hoping to get my kids to do a lot of work around the house tomorrow by mean....ENCOURAGING them with a Surprised Family Date planned for tomorrow night. (shhhh! Don't tell! We're going to a magic show)

*I've now lost 19 pounds. :)

*I'm wishing I was getting work done on revising my MG novel. But I'm stuck at this spot. I need to figure out how to get them through a door. But should the snarky Sea Witch trick them or should it be their idea? Sticky. Sticky.

*I need to post pictures of Sam's birthday, Ryan's birthday, our trip up north for John and Alysha's sweet baby's blessing and maybe even of my fancy dresses and swanky heels I found for the dressy dinners in New York when I went shopping with my Awesome Sister, Candace. :) Boy, that girl has excellent taste.

*I need to sew new elastic on some skirts for this sweet older lady that walks by my house.

*My kids are already worried about me being gone to New York. My 7 year old really wishes I'd just take him with me. He's such a snuggly guy. It's going to be hard to be gone.

*I'm going to go try out one of those spray on tans tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me that I don't turn orange.

*Here's a random shot of sweet goofy Zoe...


John and Alysha said...

You are amazing!! Look at all the great things you are doing. And way to go on losing 19 lbs! I'm so impressed. You'll have to let me know what you're doing ;) Have so much fun in New York. Oh and PS I want you to post pictures of your fancy dresses.

Mills Family said...

Hi Erin! This is my first time on your blog! I didn't know you had one. I knew you were on facebook..but I'm SO happy to find you in the blogging world as well! Ok, so I LOVE your family! Can I just say that again?....I just LOVE you family! You guys are so cute! Jay and I really want to get together over dinner along with all our kids and just hear about all your exciting adventure

Robyn said...

I love your random bits. That's a great way to catch up!