Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jim and Mikki's Wedding

Yay! Mikki is officially apart of the family!On a chilly day in December Ryan and I got to see his little brother, Jim, sealed to the wonderful and fabulous Mikki. It was a beautiful day.

The kids LOVE their Aunt Mikki. While Jim was on his mission, Emmett became concerned about who he was going to marry. His first pick was me. :) Then Zoe. I kept telling him that wouldn't work. Finally I had to tell him it was against the law! But when I asked him why he wanted to marry her he said something like, "Because I'll miss her when I grow up."

Well, then he decided he would marry Mikki. But, sadly, I had to share with him that I thought she might be taken by Uncle Jim. So, the boy is still on the lookout for his future bride. Luckily, he doesn't seem so concerned anymore.

There was a swanky reception at the Marriot after the sealing. Yummy food and great company. What more do you need? As you can see, Zoe really enjoyed the chocolate mousse.

The next evening they had a fun reception at the Bryce Valley Elementary gym.
We had such a great time seeing so many people from the area. Many we hadn't seen in sooo long. We sat at the table where people signed in. So, we got to chat with just about everyone! It was super.

The boys were pretty excited about their jobs as present gatherers. And they did pretty good except we heard they were going up to people and saying, "Where's your present?" So. We had to have a little chat with them about that!
Here's sweet Zoe snuggling up with her handsome Grandpa Franz.

We kicked up our heels for the second half of the reception. And I got to dance with all my favorite boys!

And Zoe even got to dance with the cute groom, her awesome Uncle Jim.

What a great night!

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