Monday, May 4, 2009

Camping Chaos!

Last weekend we took a camping trip down to the Wahweap and stayed in the Tommy Cabin. I use the word "cabin" loosely. The kids were THRILLED to finally get there. While dad set up stuff, we explored a bit and I tried to snap some good pics before a swarm of gnats ate us. Camping is the best, right?

There is a huge rock to the side of the cabin. It's an amazing wonderland for our boys. They played on that for hours. It really is huge. Here is a just a small portion of it....

We brought two four-wheelers with us and Friday Ryan's dad came down with another one. We went on a fun ride and hiked up a canyon looking for some petroglyphs Franz had heard about.

Amazingly enough, we found them. You can't see them too good in this next picture. But Ryan is climbing up to get a better look at them. They look kinda fake, but Ryan said up close they looked real. We also found bits of pottery, an arrowhead, and old bits of charcoal from fires. Of course, we couldn't keep any of it, so we took a picture instead....

We continued on up the canyon for a ways. There were fun rocks to climb on, ponds to throw stuff in and treasures to find. Great fun for busy boys. And Zoe enjoyed being packed the whole by her sweet dad.

This rock was very cool. You can't really see it in this picture, but it reminded me of the bark of a ponderosa tree. And it makes a great chair, eh?
Friday evening I went for a walk with Sam and Zoe. We found a neat rock with a great view. Well, the whole place has great views. And, of course, I had to snap more pics.
Saturday we wanted to get out early since there was supposed to be a storm. After breakfast (pancakes with a wee bit of strawberry jam*I* forgot to pack the syrup)I took the kids on a four-wheeler to some sand dunes nearby so Ryan could finish getting everything in the truck. But while we were there rolling around in the sand and filling our pockets with the lovely stuff, the wind REALLY picked up and I herded them back onto the four-wheeler. When the raindrops began to fall I picked up the pace and luckily came upon Ryan coming to get us. And then we were out of there.
Ryan had to advise three worried tourists in vehicles about the slick muddy roads, but only had to help one of them out of a ditch(while it was hailing) What a great guy, right?
We sure love to go camping. We always have the best times (even if there were way too many gnats) We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, enjoyed Ryan's dutch oven potatoes and cobbler, took walks, explored cool looking rocks, laughed at silly jokes and loved every minute of being together without chores, homework or stuff we had to do.

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Shelly said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Glad you took a break from everyday life and just relaxed and climbed some rocks. I sure love going to the cabin and I'm glad your kids do too!