Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Green Chaos!

(Happy Chaos Tip #5: Throw a random party!)

Check out our St. Patrick's Day party for the kids and some of their friends (who knew everyone that was invited would come??)......

Look! It's a wee leprechaun! Hurry. Get her gold.

We had a contest to see who could wear the most green. Too bad I couldn't give the awards to these three. They really went all out! But we chose some of the visiting leprechauns instead.

You probably can't tell by this pic, but Zoe really enjoyed the sprite and green sherbet floats. :)

We also snacked on green rice krispie treats.

Oh no! THIS BOY WAS ATTACKED BY A MOB OF ANGRY LEPRECHAUNS! There's no hope. He's done for. It's the dreaded Clover Disease. uh...Good luck with that!

Hey, I like your hat, wee lassie!

What a sweet green girl!

Uh...Emmett. We LOVE your outfit. You should wear that to school. It looks great. Totally natural.

Check out this little dude's sideburns and beard. Niiiice!

This wee lass is coloring her leprechaun bag. Had to have something to hold all our gold! The kids ran around the backyard playing Band-Aid Tag while the Big Leprechauns hid their treasure(better known as gold-wrapped candy) around the house. My, oh my! Searching for hidden candy is bound to create some craziness! It was a riot!

Oh! NO!
We've been invaded by
little green men
(and women)!!!!!!!!!

They're loud!
And they laugh A LOT!!

Run for your lives!!!!!!!!!!

HA! We had such a blast.


Sundi and Mike Pace said...

Really cute pictures!!! I was looking at your etsy shop wondering where all your hats are. Do you have 2 different shops?

Dave/Rilla said...

You are so talented and creative. Thanks for sharing your great ideas for some happy chaos.