Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Fun

We had a really nice and lazy Easter weekend. Our original plan was to go to St. George to be with family there, but the weather did not cooperate. So, instead we declared that Saturday The National Shakespear Game Day, stayed home and had fun. We played the Rescue Hero Game, Buckaroo, Spy Alley, Restuarant(that one was Zoe's idea:) and we watched Bedtime Stories and ate caramel popcorn and dyed easter eggs. It was so nice to just have time together with nothing scheduled. Great great day.

On Sunday it was COLD in the morning, so it seems the Easter bunny did not want to brave the weather to hide our eggs. Luckily he hid the kid's Easter baskets though. They were thrilled to find them filled with treats and goodies.
Zoe loved the wee little lamb she found in her basket. There she is, hugging and squeezing it. Let's hear everyone say, "Awwwww." Yeah, that's right, she's adorable.
After church we had fuuuun trying to get some good pics of children in their Easter finery.
You can see by the pictures, Zoe cooperated really well. What a willing model she is!
Later,I asked Emmett and Sam to get the dyed eggs out of the fridge in the garage. They came back to show me the EMPTY egg cartons. The Easter bunny must have come!
So, we tromped outside to round up our hidden eggs.
Zoe loved the eggs she found. Why she loved them so much, I'm surprised any of them survived.
Emmett found 11!

Weston resisted picking up the obvious ones so his siblings could find them. Awwww, so nice, right?
And Sam had trouble spotting one egg for some reason. Can you find it?

Having kids is the best, right? I LOVE making these fun memories.


John and Alysha said...

What a wonderful Easter! We loved the post and all the pictures. We are so glad you had a great Easter. The kids look so good in their Easter outfits. We can't believe how much Zoe's grown since we saw you guys in February!

Skye L. said...

I love the pictures! I love Zoe's dress and your boy's ties. they are awesome! your kids are so cute, but it's so weird Weston is so big and he was just a baby!