Sunday, February 15, 2009

Crazy Silly Valentine's Chaos

(Happy Chaos Tip #4: Do crazy unexpected things to surprise your family! It keeps them on their toes.)

It's long been a tradition that our kids wake on Valentine's Day to find streamers in their doorways with little love notes proclaiming the things we love about them.

We did that for Zoe this year.
Weston was SURE that's what we'd do for them.

Mwhahahaha! I can't resist an opportunity to surprise someone....

Instead, they woke to find simply three strings waiting for them. And then we gave them the instructions. They had to hold on to their string and follow it until the end.
HA! They had so much fun! Their strings wound all around the house....through the kitchen, living room, downstairs and back up again. They laughed and smiled the whole time. Along the way they found love notes.

Weston's notes said things like...."We love how you love to read!", "We love how helpful you are to us!" and "We love your hugs!"

Emmett's said, "We love your big smile!", "We love how happy you are!" and "We love how much you love your brothers and sister!"

Sam's said, "We love how excited you are when dad comes home!", "We love your laughter!" and, "We love how you love to choose the right!"

At the end of their strings they each found a box of chocolate covered cherries, a new book and a small toy.

At one point Emmett said, "Let's do this again next month!"

In the afternoon, while Ryan was preoccupied with outside stuff....I locked all the doors and wouldn't let him back in! And then....

yep, you guessed it! I handed him a string and let him go about finding his Valentine's surprise. HIS string went all around, downstairs, then back up and then BACK downstairs and then up...hahahahahaha! It was quite fun.

At the end he found a dvd player for the tv for our room and the dvd, Lonesome Dove. I figured it was about time we got one for our room so we could snuggle up and enjoy some flicks together in comfort. :)

Later I took a bit of a nap(we were up quite late stringing all that yarn around the house!)and when I woke up I found a strange yarn mess hanging from my doorway and barring my way. heh heh. In the mess I found a sweet card from my cute man and a bottle of Eternity perfume.

When Ryan and I were married, that was the perfume I always wore. I ran out quite a few years ago and never bought anymore. Luckily, he thought to replinish my supply because the scent reminds us of our wedding and honeymoon. Aw, too sweet, right?

What a great lovey-dovey day!

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Wilson Family said...

You are so creative and fun! What an amazing mom. You are inspiring me to do more fun things like that. Your kids will remember those moments forever. Love it!!!