Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crockpot Challenge: Perfection Hot Dogs

Now, hot dogs aren't something we have for dinner alot, but I thought I'd try this out. I mean, the name alone was worth it. PERFECTION hot dogs. Really? perfection? In a hot dog? wow.

And they were good. I mean, granted, they pretty much tasted like any other cooked hot dog. But it was a great way to get a whole bunch of dogs cooked at once....

Perfection Hot Dogs

Put 'em in the crockpot
Cook on high for 1-2 hours.

This would be a great way to serve hot dogs to a crowd. Like if you were throwing some sort of shindig and needed some kid food on hand. Voila! Perfection Hot Dogs. They stay warm in the pot. They're not split and tough from the microwave. You don't have to spend time grilling them. Nice, eh?


Josie said...

I haven't done anything with writing for a long time. I wish I could think of better things to write about!! Oh well.
I would love to see you get published! If you have an extra copy of your book you should send it my way, I'm out of things to read right now!

Valley View Ward Relief Society said...

Aaaah, it's so refreshing to read your blog. I just sit here and smile.

Valley View Ward Relief Society said...

oh dear. I always do this. VVWRS is Shanna...... Sorry Erin.