Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Freedom From Flab


What a super, fun, busy, crazy and just all around GREAT weekend. We blessed our wee Molly on Sunday and were so pleased and grateful that so much of our family came. Our parents and all of our siblings and their families were there except for my cute sister in law, Ninoska who was sick and my oldest brother, Fred G and his fam. They live up in Oregon. We are so blessed with such great families! I will get pictures off my camera soon and post more about this fun weekend.

Because, truly, this post is really about a different topic...


To be a bit more specific...

MY fat.

And my plan to do something about it. (I could get really cheesy and talk about the fact that I AM DECLARING MY OWN INDEPENDANCE FROM MY FLAB....heh heh.)

My thinking is that maybe if I make a public announcement about my intention to get rid of the weight, I will think twice about picking up pizza or making a large batch of chocolate chip cookies or simply burying my face in a large piece of yummy cake with a side of cookies and cream ice cream? Hmmm, it's worth a shot. :)

Last year, before I got pregnant with Molly I lost a bunch of weight on the American Heart Association diet, which isn't really so much a diet as it is just a sensible way to eat food. There isn't any extreme craziness. Nothing is outlawed. Basically it tells you what real portions are and how much you can have at each meal. It worked really well for me. Now I just have to get back into the groove. And also find time to get my bum moving...maybe treadmill walking with Molly in her sling? Hmmm, not sure I'm quite that dedicated yet.

But I think posting about this will help . It will make me accountable. If anyone wants to join me on this, you're more than welcome. We could share emails about our great love of broccoli and carrots....about how we really don't like chocolate after all....and that running until we collapse feels GOOD.

It's worth a shot, right?


Mellissa said...

Molly's blessing was wonderful. You have such a great family. Wonder where your kids get it from? ;)

I've actually been thinking a lot about eating better, but everything I've looked at/read about didn't make sense to me. But this American Heart Association where it teaches you how to correctly (portion-wise)eat everything is just what I am looking for! I'd love to jump on the bandwagon with you! I'd be more than happy to go walking or biking in the mornings also, or evenings. I don't know if I'm ready to run until I collapse... :)

Bryce & Kathy said...

I'd join you, but a big piece of honey bun cake sounds really good right now :)