Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Chaos Tip #1: Silly Robot Fun

Who doesn't want more chaos in their life, right? Starting today we'll be offering our exciting, fabulous tried and true Chaos Tips. You'll soon be learning all you need to know to begin filling your lives with more Happy Chaos!

Alrightee-o, let's get groovin'...

Happy Chaos Tip #1: Make a robot (or whatever your child LOVES)

What does your little one adore? Space? Dinosaurs? Princesses? Asparagus?

Our Sam LOVES robots. He is completly fascinated by them. He got this super great robot book for Christmas. It had a great craft idea in the back so...

We found some boxes, pipe cleaners and paint and got busy!

Sam named him LockerBot.

His head and body are shoe boxes so Sam can store treasure in them! Very cool, eh?

So, go on. Find out what interests your child, ignore the dirty dishes and clothes, check out some books about what they love or find some stuff on-line, find a craft or activity to do and then...

Make some Happy Chaos!

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Shober Fam said...

I love the robot. It's cute!