Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Chaos Tip #2: Welcome an extra child into the chaos!

When you're asked if you want an extra kid hanging around for a few days, say......

"You bet!"

Ryan's sister, Shelly and her husband Brian wanted to take a trip to Las Vegas so, we were lucky enough to get to hang out with their wee boy, Ian, while they had a super time together.

They brought him by Sunday morning and he got to go to church with us. On the way there Ryan and I realized Ian could teach our boys an important lesson. HOW TO WHISPER.

The conversation went something like this...

Ryan: "Everyone needs to be quiet."
Ian: whispers something in an extra good and quiet whisper voice
Our boys continued to not be so very quiet.
Ryan: "Boys, it looks like Ian could teach you all how to whisper."
Emmett, now whispering: "I can whisper!"
Sam, now whispering: "I can whisper, too!"
Weston, now kind of whispering: "I can whisper!"
Me: Weston, that's not really whispering.
Weston, NOW whispering: "I can talk in a whisper...see! I can whisper..."

Finally, we arrive at church.

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Shelly said...

Thanks for sharing this! LOL