Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I am freaking out!!!!

So, I'm trying to get my scholarship application for this super duper most amazing conference in New York ready. And there's so much to do! I thought I was done pulling it all together. But, NO, I was wrong.

There's still loads of financial info I need to track down. How much is our home worth now? How much in savings? Estimated dental and medical costs for dependant children in the last year?

bah. I'm going to bed...

Edited to add: Okay. I popped it in the mail today after trying to get Sam to give it a good luck kiss. He basically just let me push it against his lips. Grrrr. I needed more luck than that!!! Okay. I should know sometime in March ( I think).

Let the wishing, dreaming, hoping and worrying commence!

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Kanabites said...

good luck I hope that it turns out for you! Our fingers are crossed for you here in Kanab.