Saturday, January 3, 2009



I'm starting another blog. This one is going to be our family blog and my other one will focus mainly on writing (Shakespear's Stage..... I've been wanting to start this one for a LONG time.

It's going to be chock full of all the fun and craziness that us silly Shakespears get up to. There might be some craft ideas or sewing projects. Maybe a few recipes. And ya never know...maybe even some song and dance.

But I guarantee there will be a whole lot of mean...uh...TALKING about my kids , husband and our great times. So.....

Buckle up, it's going to be a Ka-RAZY ride!


Julie said...

Welcome to the bandwagon, Erin.

David & Candace said...

It's great to see some pictures of your family and to hear a little about what's going on with you guys. I absolutely adore the first main picture of the kids! Way too cute! I miss you guys and hope all is well.

Wilson Family said...

You are officially the Super Mom of America!!! Your homemade gifts are amazing. I am so impressived. Seriously, amazing.